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Visa Consultancy 
Visa consultancy is the service provided for the complete and much faster completion of the transactions, it carries out the whole process follow-up together with its expert employees. It includes all follow-up of works such as flight tickets and hotel reservations related to departure from the country upon request. .

Visa Consultancy for Corporate Firms
We offer visa consultancy services to corporate companies through After determining the needs of the institutions, you can reach our 24/7 support line on issues such as visa procedures and hotel reservations. We follow the whole process.
Corporate visa consultancy is very useful for the processes to continue quickly and regularly. The procedures carried out with the personnel who are experts in their fields are concluded in a short time.

Visa Application Support
In order to start visa procedures, first of all, it is necessary to fulfill the criteria of the relevant country. The application criteria vary from country to country. With the consultancy service you will receive during this process, the necessary documents and criteria will be provided quickly. In the next step, an appointment is made from the visa center of the country of destination. Visa consultants help to run the whole process properly. Complete completion of the documents and criteria ensures that the visa application is approved smoothly and quickly.

Visa Application Tracking and Information
After providing the necessary documents and criteria for the visa, an appointment is made and an application is made. If you choose as a visa consultancy center, your transactions can be completed in a much shorter time. Process monitoring is a job that must be carried out seriously in order to get a quick solution in case of a potential problem.
When the criteria and documents required for the visa application are provided correctly, the results will come within the time determined by the embassy.

The Importance of Travel Insurance
Travel security is one of the most important issues in international travel. It is extremely important to inform and take precautions against possible risks. Our visa consultancy services certainly include travel insurance. You can make flight ticket reservations through our system by using the panel. You can enjoy a safe and comfortable journey by choosing any of the world-famous brands for car rental and transfer.

What is Included in Visa Counseling Service?
Visa criteria vary from country to country. Providing the necessary documents to start the application process, making an appointment with the embassies and making the necessary correspondence are among the visa consultancy services. It is very important to manage this process completely for the visa to be issued quickly.

What to Do in Cases of Rejection of a Visa?
If the visa is refused, you have the right to object by petition or face to face. You can get consultancy service to make this process successful. This way you can reverse the result. In addition, after the visa is denied, the right to apply again arises. It is very important that the documents and criteria are completely completed when applying again.
One of the most important reasons for visa refusal is the suspicion of your return. You can choose for the process to proceed correctly, minimizing the possibility of your visa being refused again.

Visa Procedures and Visa Applications and Points to Consider
For all visa procedures and visa applications, we kindly ask you to pay attention to the following issues.

- The "Signature of the bearer" part on the 2nd page of the passport must be signed.

- At least two visa pages of the passport must be blank for visa procedures.

- The validity period of the passport must be at least six months.

- Passports older than 10 years are not accepted by the consulates for visa processing.

- With the circular sent by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the consulates, visas are printed only in the part of the passport that says "visas". Visas are not issued to the departments that write foreign exchange and customs records and explanations. For this reason, passports with full visa pages must be renewed for visa procedures.

- There is a separate visa application for children registered with the same passport with their parents, and a separate visa is issued for each child registered in the passport. For this reason, there should be as many blank visa pages as the number of children registered in the passport for visa procedures.

- In all applications, the visa form must be filled in and signed, and care must be taken to ensure that the photograph requested along with the visa form has been taken in the last period (within the last 6 months).

- Care should be taken to ensure that the SSK approval stamp is clear in the SSK employment documents.

- Two signatures are required on all new Schengen Visa Application Forms. Box 37 and the last box in the visa form must be signed.

- During the visa application, the Consulates may also request different documents for visa procedures in addition to the standard documents according to the person.

For more information on the subject, you can get information from our call center at 0850 308 11 11 at any time or  you can reach the professional support line with the email