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Section Turizm Chairman of the Board of Directors Tells Turkishtime about 40% savings with Travel Management

With the strengthening of international relations, traffic has spread all over the world. THY and other private airlines are opening flights on flights. On the other hand, car rentals, transfers, meal reservations and of course hotels... Until I chatted with Buket Durmuş, I hadn't really thought about how big this world is and how important it is.

Durmuş is a very dynamic, innovative young woman entrepreneur... Founder of Section Tourism... She has always worked on creative models since she took over the company in the 2000s. Durmus says: “For institutions and organizations, travel and transportation operations have become a business that needs to be managed on their own. Good management can save 40 percent in expenditure in this area”. This is an important ratio especially for companies with high travel costs. Of course, the quality of the service is also important... Durmuş says, "We create hotels and travel styles for companies according to their nature. While making the right planning, we convey our tested experience" and says that the future of tourism lies in these creative applications. "A UK tourism company can offer you up to 40 products," he says. For this reason, he says that this is what needs to be done on the individual customer side. If not, it is not possible to compete without being one click ahead of online booking sites such as Durmuş says, "We, as a company, are trying to create models here and especially to integrate them into the working system of the institutions. For example, companies can follow all their invoices or service works on our online platform."

They also launched the online ticket sales platform a while ago. Creative entrepreneurs in every sector can change paradigms, and Durmuş is a candidate to be one of these names for tourism...


Professional Travel Technology Solutions