Professional Travel Technology Solutions

Section Tourism Trade Inc. Founded in 1994. 8821006-5 I.A.T.A certified, A group, professional travel services and technology systems, making a difference with the services and systems it provides at high quality standards, and leading in its field with its innovative and creative values,

“ Corporate Travel Management and Travel Technology Solutions Provider ”

Section Tourism, with its expert and dynamic team, analyzes the travel needs of Agencies and Institutions, offers high-level service and high-tech solution-oriented, the most appropriate costs and the highest quality travel technology solutions and services in Agency and Institution-specific designs, developed by making their potentials visible.

Our Philosophy That Makes The Difference
With the knowledge, experience, forward-seeing competence and developmental spirit it has gained in the sector, it is to comply with the principles of commercial ethics and human values, which it has determined with the aim of always increasing the quality of service while meeting the needs of Agencies in the travel service sector and Institutions with a high travel movement. .

- Our realistic investment in technology and development
- Our belief in educating and being educated
- Happy and optimistic approaches
- Our quest to find the best in our service
- Our ability to create solutions