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As of September 25, 2014, all Schengen States consulates in Turkey will use the Visa Information System (VBS).
VBS is the technical result of the creation of a common area of Freedom, Security and Justice in the European Union and the free movement of persons in the Schengen area.

As a result of the successful establishment of the Visa Information System worldwide since October 2011 and finally in Central and North America, the Caribbean and Australasia in May 2014, from 25 September 2014 onwards in Turkey and It will also be activated in the Western Balkans.

VBS is a central database that allows data exchange between Schengen States authorities on short-stay visas (up to 3 months). VBS will facilitate visa application procedures and controls at the outer borders of the Schengen area.
Applicants will be asked to submit their biometric data (fingerprints and digital photo) when applying for a Schengen visa. This is a simple and discreet procedure that only takes a few minutes. Fingerprints can be copied from the previous application file in VBS for subsequent visa applications to be made within 5 years. Biometric data will be recorded in the VBS central database together with the data provided in the Schengen visa application form.

The VBS central database is a highly secure database and applies the highest data protection standards in the processing of data. Everyone has the right to request the data recorded in the VBS about himself from the Member State that entered that data into the system. Likewise, anyone can request the correction of erroneous data about themselves and the deletion of illegally recorded information.

With the introduction of biometrics technology, the protection level of visa applicants against identity theft will increase and false identifications will be prevented.

Biometrics technology is widely used in the EU and around the world to make travel documents more secure.

The recent significant increase in the number of geographical points where visa applications can be made in Turkey, through the development of Schengen consular services and the introduction of external service providers, will also contribute to facilitating the travel of those who will apply for a visa for the first time.

As the VBS system will accommodate all Schengen visa applications made by the applicant within the last five years and the decisions made by the Schengen Member Country Representation, with this new procedure, thanks to the available information on the lawful use of previously obtained visas, new and most likely multiple-entry The good faith status of visa applicants will be more easily determined.

Initiatives to facilitate and accelerate the process of issuing visas in order to facilitate travels to the Schengen area will continue. However, the European Union remains determined to carry out a Visa Liberalization Dialogue with Turkey in order to finally remove the visa obligation required for entry into the Schengen Area.